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Pak Shing presents its constantly growing in the field of canned foods; It presents its continuity, efficiency and competitive advantage in the providing quality canned food; It presents the pursuit of reputation.

As an experienced import and export foodstuff trading company, we can bring the best service with quality and diverse products at competitive price, also satisfy the customer's specific requirements by reliably delivering your praticular product year-round. From fruit to vegetables, from canned food to dry food series, we always strive to attain the goal of consistently supplying high quality products at all times.

We have extensive reliable supply resources, strict quality control and unremitting pursuit of credibility, these have made us develop very quickly in our field. In the past years, we export our products for a wide range of customers from all over the world and gain an excellent reputation. 
Meanwhile, we constantly expand the range of various foodstuff, including more kinds of canned vegetables & fruits,noodles products and seasoning products, etc.
Pak Shing is completely committed to customers interest by creating a more efficient and mutual benefit business.Our company understands not only the business itself,but also our clients’ goals and priorities.Our goal is to establish long-term successful partnership with our customers.
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